Increasing your learner’s engagement and retention through LEGO® activities

Using LEGO® in learning has become very popular recently… in fact there are whole communities based around the concept.  But how do you know it’s right for you and your learners / clients? Which type of Lego® activity should you use? And will you be taken seriously as a Trainer, Facilitator or Coach if you suggest such a thing?

The ‘Learning with LEGO® INSTANT ACCESS course is right for you if…

  • You want to use LEGO® in your training, facilitation and/or coaching?
  • You are looking for ideas and inspiration on which LEGO® activities to use and why?
  • You like the idea of LEGO® Serious Play® and want an introduction?

Who is this course for?

  • Trainers

    Trainers who want activities to help retention of learning

  • Coaches

    Coaches who want to create a hands-on approach to problem solving

  • Facilitators

    Facilitators who want a creative way to engage discussion

What will you find in this course?

This is an 'instant access' courses covering 16 activities, using just 6 sets of LEGO® 

Every activity has: 

  1. A video to give you idea on how to use it with your own learners. 
  2. A shopping list PDF download, so you can buy the sets for yourself (or source alternatives that suit your needs)
  3. A worksheet PDF download, to act as a simple reminder of each activity for easy future reference.  

Everything is available to you as soon as you sign up, so you can consume it all in one go, or dip in and out as and when you'd like.

Our six sets come under these headings... 

  1. Magnificent Mini Figures (4 x Videos, 2 x PDFs)
  2. Step Away from the Duck (3 x Videos, 2 x PDFs)
  3. It’s all about the Accessories (4 x Videos, 2 x PDFs)
  4. Box of Blocks (4 x Videos, 2 x PDFs)
  5. An Intro to Lego Serious Play (8 x Background Videos, 4 x Skills Build Videos, 1 x Full working example Video, 2 x PDFs)
  6. Six Bricks (5 x Videos, 2 x PDFs)

Aims and Outcomes


The aim of this course is to give ideas and inspiration for using LEGO® in learning sessions


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • State why using LEGO® in learning is a legitimate way of enhancing training, facilitation and coaching
  • Demonstrate at least 16 different LEGO® activities using 6 sets
  • Identify the LEGO® Serious Play® methodologies and how to access more information
  • Create a LEGO® inspired activity that is fit for your own purpose   

Course Outline

  • 1

    0. Welcome

    • Welcome to the Learning with Lego - Instant Access

  • 2

    Magnificent Mini Figures

    • Welcome to Magnificent Mini Figures

    • Blind Bags

    • Deconstructed YOU

    • Deconstructed OTHERS

    • Magnificent Mini Figure WORKSHEET

    • Magnificent Mini Figures SHOPPING LIST

  • 3

    Step Away from the Duck

    • Welcome to Step Away from the Duck

    • Build a Duck

    • Build an Animal

    • Step Away from the Duck WORKSHEET

    • Step away from the Duck SHOPPING LIST

  • 4

    It’s all about the Accessories

    • Welcome to It’s all about the Accessories

    • A Bag Full of Discussion

    • Sales, Negotiations and Assertiveness Skills

    • Train-the-Trainer

    • It’s all about the Accessories WORKSHEET

    • It’s all about the Accessories SHOPPING LIST

  • 5

    Box of Blocks

    • Welcome to Box of Blocks

    • Outside In

    • Teams and Assessment Centres

    • No Instructions Required

    • Box of Blocks WORKSHEET

    • Box of Blocks SHOPPING LIST

  • 6

    An Intro to Lego Serious Play

    • welcome to an Introduction to Lego Serious Play

    • PART 1 - Background

    • PART 1 - What it is and is not

    • PART 1 -The Process

    • PART 1 - Which Bricks?

    • PART 1 - Participants Etiquette

    • PART 1 - Facilitators Code of Conduct

    • PART 1 - In summary

    • PART 2 - Skills Build - Tower

    • PART 2 - Skills Build - 5 Pieces

    • PART 2 - Skills Build - Creature

    • PART 2 - Skills Build - Mondays

    • PART 3 - Lego Serious Play Example

    • An Intro Lego Serious Play WORKSHEET

    • An Intro Lego Serious Play SHOPPING LIST

  • 7

    Six Bricks

    • Welcome to Six bricks

    • The Tower

    • Hanging Off the Edge

    • Back to Back

    • Pictionary Lego

    • Six Bricks WORKSHEET

    • Six Bricks SHOPPING LIST

  • 8

    ...and finally

    • A Visual Summary - Short Video

    • Congratulations!


Instant access to ALL videos, worksheets and shopping list

What others have to say...

“Hands up if you think you are creative?' That is a question that usually leads to me putting my hands firmly on the ground! But, after a session with Nikie Forster of Curious Lighthouse, I was thinking completely differently........ Enlightening and motivating, I am now kidding myself I can be a NASA Astronaut, have a new desk buddy called 'Daisy Duck' and am the proud owner of this beautiful lighthouse... Thank you Nikie for such an informative session.”

Laura Macarthy MICB - Certified Bookkeeper & Director at Now Bookkeeping Ltd

“Nikie created a great day packed full of ideas, taught my team how dopamine makes the difference in learning and we left with a shopping list and inspired and reassured that what we were already doing was value add coupled with some ideas to make them even better. From before the day to after she demonstrated how creativity engages and lands learning. ”

Natalie Rogers - Head of Talent, Learning & Development at Greencore

“Nike is passionate about people development and played a significant role in building my skills and confidence, enabling me to take the next step with my career. Nikie makes learning about yourself and setting personal goals challenging, but also fun and relevant for the training industry. For anyone looking to establish or develop a career in training, I recommend working with Nikie to get you where you want to be.”

Teresa Matthews ~ Training and Development Manager ​​​

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