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Ideas and inspiration for using creativity in your training, facilitation and coaching

Creativity in learning is nothing new, we naturally did it as kids, but as we grew older many of us grew out of using creativity in our daily lives.  Recent extensive research on how creativity and fun impacts on our learning has encouraged trainers, facilitators and coaches to rethink the way they offer their expertise to clients and learners.  But where do you start when you want to introduce a more creative approach for your learners?  

If you’re looking for ways to introduce creativity (especially with LEGO®) you’re in the right place!

Introduction to Creative Learning

How creative learning can benefit training, facilitation and coaching

Using creativity to help learners engage is commonly recognised as good practice within the learning profession. But WHY is it important? How does it actually make a difference? And how can you explain to your clients that playing with colourful props is a worthwhile investment when it comes to training, facilitation or coaching?

Introduction to Lego® Serious Play®

Find out how to use Lego with your learners

Lego® Serious Play® sounds interesting, but how do you know it’s right for you and your learners / clients? Which type of Lego® activity should you use? And will you be taken seriously if you suggest such a thing?

Learning with LEGO® – Instant Access

Ideas and inspiration for using LEGO® in your Learning

INSTANT ACCESS to over 20 Activities ALL with Videos that will help you create learning that is right for you, your learners and your clients?

Learning with LEGO® – 121 Access

An interactive programme providing ideas and inspiration for learning with LEGO®

If you're looking for a 'hands-on' approach to Learning with LEGO® this course give you access to videos, PDFs, two x 121 Zoom calls and bespoke Lego kit!

Why listen to anything I have to say?

A little more about Nikie (That's me!!)

Convinced I was going to be a Radio One presenter from an early age, my less than conventional route into the world of Learning & Development, has given me a wide range of experiences which enables me to see learning in every interaction.  

My career into training actually started over two decades ago when, after dabbling in the world of radio I found myself working as a decorative assistant in a large DIY store. I was asked to help demonstrate some new products to customers. Initially the thought of talking to a group of people filled me with dread, but soon I had daily demonstrations, ran interior design courses and ultimately became a Regional Training Manager with this company. It all sounds like rather good luck, but the truth is once I realised that this was the role for me, I looked for opportunities to get more involved, found the right people to talk to and made my own path towards becoming a Trainer.

In the last two decades, I have had many different training titles including:

  • Demonstrator / Training Coordinator
  • Induction / Regional Trainer
  • Training / Learning and Development Officer/Specialist
  • Training / Regional / Learning and Development Manager
  • Director of Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy
  • Founder of the Curious Trainers' Academy  
  • CIPD Accredited Tutor for L&D

No matter what the title, one thing has always remained, the thirst for knowledge and the desire to share my knowledge and ideas with others.


Here's what others are saying ...

“Attended a fantastic session this morning on creative training ideas with the inspiring Nikie Forster of Curious Lighthouse. Sessions like these rekindle my love of teaching and remind me why I do it! Nikie can make any topic fun, thought-provoking and effective, at any level of a corporation. Invest in your people and get her involved!”

Sara Ellul - Business Lecturer

“Hands up if you think you are creative?' That is a question that usually leads to me putting my hands firmly on the ground! But, after a session with Nikie Forster of Curious Lighthouse, I was thinking completely differently........ Enlightening and motivating, I am now kidding myself I can be a NASA Astronaut, have a new desk buddy called 'Daisy Duck' and am the proud owner of this beautiful lighthouse... Thank you Nikie for such an informative session.”

Laura Macarthy MICB - Certified Bookkeeper & Director at Now Bookkeeping Ltd

“Nikie is passionate about people development and played a significant role in building my skills and confidence, enabling me to take the next step with my career. Nikie makes learning about yourself and setting personal goals challenging, but also fun and relevant for the training industry. For anyone looking to establish or develop a career in training, I recommend working with Nikie to get you where you want to be.”

Teresa Matthews ~ Training and Development Manager ​

“I loved start working with Nikie and her passion for learning, development and empowering others to succeed shines through in every project she undertakes. Nikie's training style is engaging, fun and full of energy, helping to embed learning and give individuals and teams the confidence to implement new skills back in the workplace. Nikie understands first hand how much internal trainers, coaches and facilitators impact the workforce. Her vast experience and passion for this area makes her an excellent choice for any company who understands the importance of investing in their leadership and development teams to meet their company goals.”

Joanne Mayhead ~ Website Coach

“Nikie's approach to learning is built on experience and a real desire to help people to learn. Nikie recognises that the way to do this is to engage people in their personal development ... and she is very good at doing this.”

Andy Granston ~ Director at the Turning Circle

“I am currently working through a training session The Curious Trainer’s Academy provides to enable me to design my own training programme. The Curious Trainer’s Academy has supported my own development and Nikie continues to provide guidance. Her interactive and engaging approach on her training sessions covers all types of learning styles and also gives you the opportunity to try out and practice. Her bitesize learning approach is very easy to follow from a learner’s perspective. I can’t thank Nikie enough for all of her support and help in moulding me into the professional trainer I am today and would highly recommend having a chat with Nikie and enrolling on some of the courses. ”

Suk Gill - Director of The Sales Coach Ltd.

“Nobody has ever been able to hold my attention in training sessions / presentations like Nikie.”

Jo ~ Senior Team Leader

“It has been an absolute privilege to have worked with you. Your sessions have been inspiring and I will take your learnings with me wherever I go. Over my career a few people have stood out for their positivity, professionalism, competence & you are one of these stand out individuals who has inspired me to move forward/grow.”

Brad Abery ~ Finance Director

“I'm a seasoned trainer (much as yourself) with some 15 years' experience, and it's clear to me that you are an expert in your subject. I would recommend the 'Designing a Face-to-Face Training Session' course to anyone starting out in L&D as a way of getting an excellent grounding in relatively little time and without too much study or effort. A useful and enjoyable programme.”

Martine Bolton - Sunshine Corporate & Personal Development


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