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Effective activities can make or break a learning session.  That’s why it’s important to use the right ones at the right time with the right audience.

You probably have a stash of activities you love using, but sometimes your topic or audience calls for something a little different.  The only problem with that is… it takes time, and that’s probably the one thing you don’t have! 

Curious Trainers' Resources Overview

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Who are these resources for?

  • Trainers & Facilitators

    If you run face-to-face training and want some new ideas for your delegates

  • Managers

    If you run team breifs, assessment centres or project meetings etc

  • Teachers and Educators

    If you're looking for fun activities with your students

What do you get with each resources?

The Curious Trainers’ Resources is like a library of activities at your fingertips.  The best thing is you don’t have to wade through boring technical guff to get to the, ‘how do I implement this?’ a-ha moments!    

For each of the resources you’ll find:

  • An informal video explaining ways to run the activities and things to consider
  • 2 x PDFs that focus on a) What, Why and How and b) Set-up, Debrief and Look Out For…


Many of the resources also include:

  • PowerPoint templates for you to either insert into your own workshop, or use as a standalone visual (with suggestions for delivery in the notes section)
  • Worksheets for you to print out and have available for your learners.
  • (These last two are unbranded and very simple but will save you uddles of time!)

So, if it’s a simple introductory exercise or a full workshop on communication, the Curious Trainers’ Resources has you covered!  

8 Resources... in MUCH more details!

Mini Me 

Creating Personas and Icebreaker

This exercise allows your learners to describe themselves in a fun way without too much pressure? It gives structure, but still allows for plenty of freedom, so it's versatile for all types of learning. You can also link this activity throughout your session making it very versatile.

Coffee Anyone? 

Personal Branding Perceptions

This activity is great for allowing your learners to consider their personal branding and how this affects them in the work place. You don't have to use coffee, but do choose something that fits the culture of the business. The key is to ensure you set up the context and link it to the topic. You can then refer back to the exercise throughout the session.

Giant Jigsaw  

Team Dynamics, Communication & Resilience

This is a great activity to use for team dynamics, communication and even assessment centres!  Anything where you want to draw out peoples interactions and communication styles.   The instructions seem quite structured, but the learning is really in the observation and debrief.  The key to this activity is to drive learning to your overall topic and make plenty of links back to what happened during the activity and what would happen in 'real life'! 

Coloured Buttons 

Personal Working Styles

Looking for an exercise that allows your learners to come to the conclusion that even with the same instructions and the same equipment, people will end up with different results?   It works great where learners have to interact with others and where they need to understand that people are individuals and have different past experiences and expectations, and may come to a different result than expected.

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Tell Me a Story 

Thinking on your Feet

'Tell Me a Story' is a great resource for enabling discussions about the importance of:  Thinking on your feet, Creative thinking and Resilience.  It can be run in many different ways.  In this resource you'll find not just the instructions, but also an alternative to using actual story cubes!

Hands Down 

Personal Introspection and Ice Breaker

Looking for an introduction activity that is creative and fun?  You can draw learning from it, (pardon the pun) but that's not really its purpose!)  This 'Hands Down' activity allows learners to express their preferences in a low pressure way.  Simply set up the context for your session and link it to this activity.  You can then refer back to the exercise throughout the session. 

Setting Sail

Creative Goal Setting

This 'Setting Sail' activity is all about creative goal setting!  Setting goals usually involves formal processes (Yawn).  Good for clear outcomes but not entirely inspiring! Use this activity as a precursor to the 'formal stuff' and create some real engagement!

Breaking the Ice

How NOT to run an Icebreaker

'Breaking the Ice' is all about HOW NOT to run an Icebreaker.  If you are running a Train-the-Trainer event or have people who run team briefs, this is a good activity to get people thinking about what helps people engage early on in a session.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome to the Curious Trainers' Resources
  • 2
  • 3
    COFFEE ANYONE ~ Personal Branding Perceptions
    • Welcome to ~ Coffee Anyone
    • Coffee Anyone ~ Video Explanation
    • Coffee Anyone ~ What, Why & How
    • Coffee Anyone ~ Set up, Debrief and Look Out For
    • Coffee Anyone - Personal Branding PowerPoint Pack
    • Coffee Anyone ~ Company Branding Exercise sheet
    • Coffee Anyone ~ Personal Branding Exercise Sheet
  • 4
    GIANT JIGSAW ~ Team Dynamics, Communication and Resilience
    • Welcome to Giant Jigsaw
    • Giant Jigsaw ~ Video Explanation
    • Giant Jigsaw ~ What, Why and How
    • Giant Jigsaw ~ Set up, Debrief and Look Out For...
    • Giant Jigsaw ~Instructional Handout
    • Giant Jigsaw ~ Instructions for PowerPoint
  • 5
    COLOURED BUTTONS ~ Personal Working Styles
    • Welcome to Coloured Buttons
    • Coloured Buttons ~ Video Explanation
    • Coloured Buttons ~ What, Why & How
    • Coloured Buttons ~ Set up, Debrief and Look Out For.
  • 6
    TELL ME A STORY ~ Creative Thinking
    • Welcome to ~ Tell me a story
    • Tell Me a Story - Video Explanation
    • Tell Me a Story ~ What, Why & How
    • Tell Me a Story ~ Set up, Debrief & Look Out For
    • Tell Me a Story ~ Simple Paper/PP Version Instructions
    • Tell Me a Story ~ Simple PowerPoint
    • Tell Me a Story ~ PDF
  • 7
    HANDS DOWN ~ Personal Introspection and Icebreaker
    • Welcome to ~ Hands Down
    • Hands Down ~ Video Explanation
    • Hands Down ~ What, Why & How
    • Hands Down ~ Set up, Debrief and Look Out For.
  • 8
    SETTING SAIL ~ Creative Goal Setting
    • Welcome to ~ Setting Sail
    • Setting Sail ~ Video Explanation
    • Setting Sail ~ What, Why & How
    • Setting Sail ~ Set up, Debrief & Look Out For
    • Setting Sail ~ Facilitators Notes
    • Setting Sail - Professional and Personal Goal Downloads
  • 9
    BREAKING THE ICE ~ How NOT to Run an Icebreaker
    • Welcome to ~ Breaking the Ice
    • Breaking the Ice ~ Video Explanation
    • Breaking the Ice ~ What, Why & How
    • 'Breaking' the Ice! ~ Set up, Debrief & Look Out For
    • Breaking the Ice - Downloadable Resources
  • 10
    And Finally...
    • ...any finally!

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What others have to say...

“The Curious Trainer’s Academy has supported my own development and Nikie continues to provide guidance. Her interactive and engaging approach on her training sessions covers all types of learning styles and also gives you the opportunity to try out and practice. Her bitesize learning approach is very easy to follow from a learner’s perspective. I can’t thank Nikie enough for all of her support and help in moulding me into the professional trainer I am today and would highly recommend having a chat with Nikie and enrolling on some of the courses. ”

Suk Gill - Director of The Sales Coach Ltd.Suk Gill - Director of The Sales Coach Ltd.

“Nikie is passionate about people development and played a significant role in building my skills and confidence, enabling me to take the next step with my career. Nikie makes learning about yourself and setting personal goals challenging, but also fun and relevant for the training industry. For anyone looking to establish or develop a career in training, I recommend working with Nikie to get you where you want to be.”

Teresa Matthews ~ Training and Development Manager ​Teresa Matthews ~ Training and Development Manager ​

“Nikie's approach to learning is built on experience and a real desire to help people to learn. Nikie recognises that the way to do this is to engage people in their personal development ... and she is very good at doing this.”

Andy Granston ~ Director at the Turning CircleAndy Granston ~ Director at the Turning Circle