Gaining your first role in Training should be straight forward, right?

I've seen my share of CV’s and application forms when recruiting for trainer positions and quite honestly many of them simply made me shake my head in despair!  

In this course, we will take a step-by-step approach to creating the right path towards getting you noticed and invited to interviews.

Because each module builds on the last, you should aim to complete the necessary personal work before you move on to give you the best opportunity to create a successful path.  Here’s a bit more about each chapter:

  1. Your Training Path: Focusing on your ideal training role, and what you need to do to succeed in it
  2. Your Career Stakeholders: Work out who can help you achieve your training path and how to approach them
  3. Training without the title of Trainer:Focusing on gaining training experience prior to actually having an official job role
  4. An introduction to delivery skills:As you start to gain opportunities to train, being aware of some simple do’s and don’ts early on can really help
  5. How to get invited to interviews: What to look for in job adverts.  What recruiters are really looking for and the best ways to apply for Training roles
  6. Continuous Professional Development: How to keep track of all your experience now and in the future.

Remember to complete the previous section before you move on.  It will really help you put everything into place.

Want to see if the style and knowledge is right for you? 

Why not try out the TRIAL section on 'YOUR TRAINING PATH'?

Six-Part Course

With each module building on the last to allow you to reflect, implement and build on

  • Step-By-Step Modules

    Six modules broken down into step-by-step sections to allow for easy learning.

  • Listening isn't enough!

    There's plenty to listen to in these modules, but listening isn't enough! You need to do something with the information too! That's why there are worksheets and quizzes to complete, PLUS follow up options.

  • Time to Reflect

    As you go through each module, it will reflect back on the ones before so give yourself time to reflect on your learning and implement any actions

Course Outline


Professional training qualifications can cost 10 times as much as this course! But I believe you can launch your career from the job you're currently in AND save money too!